Doc2vec tutorial

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The latest gensim release of 0.10.3 has a new class named Doc2Vec. All credit for this class, which is an implementation of Quoc Le & Tomáš Mikolov: “Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents”, as well as for this tutorial, goes to the illustrious Tim Emerick. Doc2vec (aka paragraph2vec, aka sentence embeddings) modifies the word2vec algorithm to unsupervised learning of continuous …


Performance Shootout of Nearest Neighbours: Contestants

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Continuing the benchmark of libraries for nearest-neighbour similarity search, part 2. What is the best software out there for similarity search in high dimensional vector spaces? Document Similarity @ English Wikipedia I’m not very fond of benchmarks on artificial datasets, and similarity search in particular is sensitive to actual data densities and distance profiles. Using fake “random gaussian datasets” seemed …