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We built the tools other consultants rely on.

We’re the brains behind gensim and other tools used by thousands of companies, startups and scientists worldwide.

We bridge academia and industry to your advantage.

Our partnerships with universities around the world empower us to access and apply emerging research in an industry where theory and practice are often worlds apart.

Radim, RaRe’s founder, is a pleasure to work with and an expert within the field of NLP. He created a fantastic tool for us at Autodesk for helping to extract quality insights from hard to analyse unstructured data.

James Bradley, Program Manager Advanced Analytic, Autodesk Inc.

We don’t just follow best practices – we’re defining them.


Custom Solution Development

Get a bespoke solution for your unique business challenges that delivers in ways generic software can’t.

Mentoring and Audits

Identify and eliminate the issues holding your organisation back from optimal performance.

Custom On-Site Training

Deepen your team’s data science expertise and grow talent in-house with hands-on training from industry experts.



We created a natural language processing algorithm that gives Autodesk’s products a competitive edge.


We built an automated content recommendation system for Elevate, the B2B email marketing leader.


We optimized an intelligent data augmentation pipeline for DataSift, using machine learning.


For Hearst, we developed an automated content discovery & categorisation system that made what was once impossibly difficult an automatic process.


We designed, developed and created a platform capable of processing requests against Naviga’s enormous catalogs of ebooks, journals and reviews.


We partnered with r/ally to build an employee skill & expert discovery algorithm that processes thousands of data points in seconds – the first of its kind.

RaRe Technologies was phenomenal to work with. Their deep expertise in the areas of topic modelling and machine learning are only equaled by the quality of code, documentation and clarity to which they bring to their work. We look forward to working with them again and I highly recommend them!

Bradley Milne, Chief Operating Officer, Elevate Inc.

RaRe Brings Innovation From the Classroom to the Boardroom

We’re the first to know about analytical advancements,
because we work with the researchers developing them.

RaRe’s official, exclusive and ongoing partnerships with leading universities put us at the forefront of new developments in machine learning
and give students access to experienced mentors, expert assistance and employment opportunities.


We offer practical thesis topics in data mining and offer paid internships for ambitious and talented students worldwide.

More on Our Incubator


We mentor and review students’ theses and work collaboratively in official industry partnerships for large consortial projects.

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Radim Řehůřek

Director, R&D

Over a decade of experience in building custom data science software solutions for businesses. Lover of languages, history, geology and beginnings in general.

Chris Lakatos

Director of Marketing

Over 10 years’ experience in executive marketing within the high-tech industry from both the hardware and software side.

Jeff Hoey

Business Development

Software industry veteran with expertise in executive sales, channels and operational management.

Jaroslav Dostál

Accounting & Finance

Veteran of the world of finance. Accounting mastermind.

Jan Rygl


A PhD research programmer with a background in machine learning, NLP, and mathematics.

Lev Konstantinovskiy

R&D, Community Manager

Python and Java developer. Academic partnerships liaison.

Gordon Mohr

R&D, Training Instructor

Veteran developer of internet and peer-to-peer systems.

Thiago Galery


PhD in Computational Linguistics and focused on machine learning and NLP.

Petr Baudiš


Compu­ter Sci­ence rese­archer, stron­gly rooted in the open source hacker culture. My focus is Arti­ficial Intel­ligence and Linux sys­tem program­ming. As a hobby I enjoy messing with digital cir­cuits and I like the game of Go.

Filip Jurčíček


PhD in Computer Science, former research associate at Cambridge University. Over 10 years experience developing natural, responsive & adaptive dialogue systems using NLP and neural networks.

Honza Pomikálek


PhD in NLP, experienced in processing large volumes of data. Enjoys puzzle-hunt games.

Oleksandr Korobov


Developer and researcher in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Likes Python, GoLang and experimenting in AI.

Jayant Jain


IIT-R graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Curious about technology, working on NLP and text analysis. Graduate from RaRe’s Incubator programme.

Ed Fine

R&D, Training Instructor

Ed is a data science veteran with extensive history in fintech, retail and search. Professor at UC Berkeley.

Prof. Petr Sojka

Academic Advisor

Research interests include information retrieval, digital libraries, and NLP.


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