RaRe Technologies’ elite team is comprised of top data science PhDs, seasoned computer scientists and industry thought leaders with deep domain expertise in advanced machine learning.  We specialize in early-stage, cutting-edge prototyping and development of projects which integrate the latest research with the practical application of data mining, text analytics, natural language processing (NLP), big data, search and statistical machine learning. We build what others feel may be impossible.

Radim Řehůřek

Founder & CEO of RaRe Technologies


“I have over a decade of experience in building custom data science software solutions for businesses and teaching their teams to do what I do.”

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At the heart of my academic and engineering work in machine learning is a passion for finding optimal solutions for complex problems.

After managing an in-house research department, earning my PhD in machine learning and launching a startup, I saw an opportunity to apply my knowledge to the costly and time-consuming data-related challenges businesses face today.

After freelancing for a few years, I became frustrated by the sorry state of the industry, with many consultants re-selling ineffective, pre-packaged software to every client. I also saw a growing rift between academic research and what was being practiced in the field.

I believed businesses deserved a better option, and RaRe was founded on that belief. I am proud to have assembled a team capable of merging theory and practice to build pragmatic solutions that are better by design.

  • PhD in Computer Science
  • 12+ years of industry experience
  • Mentor and instructor in machine learning, data mining and SW Engineering
  • Regular speaker at data mining conferences and key industry events.
  • Full stack SW engineer across ecosystems: Python, Hadoop, Spark, Debian, Node & more
  • Veteran in Python, JS, C, C++, Java, Bash, Prolog & more
  • Creator of the Gensim Python library
  • More than 20 peer-reviewed papers published and cited over 400 times in Google Scholar
  • Selected for the “Scopus Young Researcher Award” in 2011

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