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Fast-track your team in Python,
machine learning and information retrieval with
hands-on training from the top experts in the field.

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Unlike “one-size-fits-all” training courses, we customise our curriculum to focus on the specific needs and use-cases of your business.

In-class exercises give your team real-time feedback they can start using on the spot, minimising training time while maximising the value gained from every session.

Learn From the Best

Our instructors are highly sought-after practitioners and PhDs who built the tools that other consultants rely on.

Train On-Site

Private group training courses are delivered on-site, anywhere in the world.

Customise Your Training

Courses are customised to address your business’s goals, use-cases and technical experience level.

Educate Your Entire Team

Courses are designed for technical teams of 5 – 15 developers, engineers, analysts or data scientists.

Go Beyond Theory

Interactive exercises move learners quickly from theory to application, with real-time feedback.

Reinforce Learning

Includes 1-hour follow-up session to test knowledge and improve retention.

Radim and the RaRe Technologies team helped us get the most out of Python, scikit-learn, and word2vec with a 2-day training program. The program was tailored to our needs which helped us tackle a very specific challenge we were facing. They were organized, told us exactly what we needed to have in place to get started, and established what we already knew so that we spent all of our time learning new information. I hope to have RaRe Technologies return every year to keep us up to date in this rapidly evolving space.

Barry Dillon, Head of Advanced Analytics at Aon


Python Best Practices: 2-Day Intensive

Python’s data ecosystem is incredibly powerful – this course is designed to help your team get the most out of it and develop sound, efficient systems.

Suitable for any developer or engineer with a basic understanding of Python, learn the strengths and limitations of Python first-hand while writing easy-to-understand, maintainable and performant code.

Customisable syllabus includes coding patterns and documentation, as well as writing and testing pragmatic Python code.

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Practical Machine Learning: 2-Day Intensive

Machine learning offers businesses the chance to cut costs, reduce spend and get answers to complex questions – but only if it’s applied correctly.

Thorough, hands-on training in machine learning for programmers and scientists who need to improve their proficiency in Python and streamline the data modelling process while learning how to apply machine learning to solve business problems.

Customisable syllabus includes detailed learning on data exploration, feature engineering, pipelines, error analysis and production models.

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Topic Modelling: 1-Day Intensive

Turn your plain-text data into actionable insights and decision-driving intel with the power of Python. Participants will learn proven, efficient practices for building, improving, evaluating and deploying scalable natural language processing (NLP) using Python.

This course will appeal to programmers and scientists who seek to improve their proficiency in Python and streamline the NLP process.

Customisable syllabus covers actionable lessons in text processing, indexing and retrieval, and integration/APIs.

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Practical Deep Learning: 2-Day Intensive

Get up to speed on deep learning, including the powerful data processing frameworks of Google’s TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch. Participants will learn efficient techniques and best practices for building and optimizing pipelines at scale, with focus on their Pythonic APIs.

This course will appeal to data scientists and software engineers who seek to learn about the theoretical building blocks of deep learning and how to apply them in practice on text and image processing.

Customisable syllabus covers actionable lessons and interactive exercises in installation, configuration, optimization, inspection and debugging of deep learning systems.

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We’d be happy to discuss bespoke training opportunities for your team in the areas of machine learning and software system engineering not listed above.

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A RaRe Opportunity to Learn From Industry Leaders

RNDr. Radim Řehůřek, PhD

A full-stack engineer with over 10 years of industry experience, Radim is among the industry’s most sought-after thought leaders and consultants. Radim won the “SCOPUS Young Researcher 2011 Award”, directed Seznam’s research department and founded RaRe Technologies. An engaging speaker and knowledgeable practitioner, he is also known for creating Gensim, the machine learning library widely relied on by the international NLP and information retrieval communities.

Gordon Mohr, BA in CS & Econ

Gordon is a machine learning consultant, core Gensim contributor and primary maintainer of its doc2vec implementation. Previously, Gordon served as Chief Technologist of the Internet Archive’s web archive projects. He is the creator of both the Heritrix web crawler and the ‘magnet link’ for origin-ambivalent content delivery. Awarded the ‘Oracle Open Source Developer of the Year’ in 2006, Gordon has spoken at O’Reilly Conferences and numerous key industry events.

photo of Ed Fine, RaRe training instructor

Ed Fine, MS in Applied Math

Ed is an experienced data scientist with a Master degree from Caltech, developing cutting edge technical solutions to data intensive problems. This has included extensive work in fintech, retail and search. Ed uses statistical and machine learning methods appropriate to the scale and form of the problem to produce reasoned solutions. An important part of the work is communicating challenging technical concepts to a broad audience from engineers and software architects to clients and the broader public. Ed also teaches at UC Berkeley, Data Science Program.

photo of Piotr Migdal, RaRe training instructor

Piotr Migdal, PhD

Piotr is a full-stack data scientist with a PhD in quantum physics. He works in machine learning, focusing on deep learning and data visualization. He lectured at Imperial College London and has presented at Bay Area D3.js and Caltech. His mentees won the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. His research-level expertise in complex networks and experience with natural sciences allowed him to work in projects related to biotechnology.

Our Customisable Training Sessions Cover:

Topic Modelling & NLP

We train teams in how to create data mining systems that bring meaning and value to your unstructured datasets.

Your developers will be able to capably apply topic modelling to internal projects.

Machine Learning

Our experts lead practical training sessions on how to build robust data mining pipelines for classification, prediction, churn analysis and product recommendations.

Your team will be able to apply this knowledge in your internal environments to drive insights and inform decision-making.

Python Programming

Seasoned practitioners guide your technical team through programming with Python, including interactive exercises on writing maintainable, high-performing code.

Training is tailored to your engineering team’s current understanding and areas of weakness.

Get tailored training – from our team to yours.

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