Put the industry’s go-to team
of data scientists to work for your business.


Custom Software Development

 We design and build completely custom, fully-automated software that solves unique business problems in ways generic software can’t.

Technology Auditing & C-Level Consulting

We conduct extensive, top-to-bottom audits of your algorithms, architecture and code, revealing opportunities to cut costs, increase accuracy and improve your processes across the board.

Why RaRe? We’re better by design.

Generic software isn’t built to solve your unique business problems in mind; you’re forced to bend your processes to fit the limitations of the software.

Other consultants re-sell these same prepackaged solutions with fancy wrapping, ignoring the costs that their inaccuracy, inefficiency and inability to scale will have on your business.

At RaRe, we build your optimal solution from the bottom up to solve your problem the right way the first time.


Radim is one of those rare people who has both the hands-on technical know how and understanding of business needed to successfully deliver data mining solutions. He is excellent at managing expectations, defining problems and delivering on time.

client-2Josh Kerbel,
Product Manager and Designer, R/ally Inc.

We worked on a couple of projects with RaRe Technologies; we got a lot of value out of every collaboration. Radim is great at sharpening up a problem definition, planning a realistic approach to solving it and then delivering an effective solution on a timeline. We were impressed by his experience and deep knowledge, and will happily work with RaRe again.

tim buddenTim Budden,
Director of Data Science, DataSift

Here at Tailwind, we use RaRe’s gensim software to help our customers post interesting and relevant content to Pinterest. No fuss, no muss. Just fast, scalable language processing.

client-2Waylon Flinn, Lead Scientist, Tailwind

If you’ve got a business problem, we’ll build a solution to solve it.

We love a challenge – and pushing boundaries is our everyday job. Put the industry’s go-to team to work for you.


Our systems automate labour-intensive processes, pull actionable insights out of unstructured data and help you make better decisions, faster.

Looking to add structure to your business’ unorganised information?
Want to turn sentiment into revenue, or data into insight?

Our data scientists start with your goals, review your use-cases and build a custom solution that separates signal from noise to give you the answers you need, when you need them.

Just a few of the problems we help clients solve:

Task Automation

Automate tedious and repetitive data entry tasks and improve accuracy while empowering your team to focus on high-value work that drives more revenue.

Text Analysis

Automatically classify and categorise documents – including news articles, reports, posts, products and more.

Ad Targeting

Increase click-through-rates (CTR) and conversions by automatically matching user preferences with the most relevant ads.

Customer Insights

Analyse customer behaviour individually and across huge data sets and use it to improve service, recommend products or close more deals.

Data Processing & Analytics

Get actionable information out of even your noisiest data sets and make informed, strategic business decisions with clear, actionable analytics.


While every solution we build is a little bit different, our approach is always pragmatic and efficient.

1. Discovery Call

On a quick call (30 mins or less), we’ll discuss your business, your needs and whether or we’re an ideal fit. We’re happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

2. Onboarding

To protect your information, we’ll review terms of engagement, including confidentiality, liability and IP, signing a master agreement that minimises the risk for both parties.

3. Analysis & Proposal

On most engagements, we’ll undertake a paid, comprehensive analysis of your technology, use-cases and challenges, delivering a detailed review and our proposed solution.

4. Statement of Work

When we’re confident we’ve found the optimal solution path for your business, we’ll put together a detailed statement of work for your review. You’ll know exactly what to expect from our engagement, with proposed costs and timelines clearly outlined.

5. Execution

With your approval, we get to work building your solution. We connect with you regularly, sending updates and answering any questions that arise. Deliverables are billed and presented in 40 MH chunks.

6. Final Signoff

When your solution has been developed in full, we’ll review with you to be sure that we’ve delivered as promised. In many cases, we’ll work with you on an ongoing retainer to help integrate our work into your existing systems.

Technology Audits & Machine Learning Consulting

Inefficient systems waste time, money and opportunities.
We help you get them all back.

Just because a solution works, doesn’t mean it’s working well.

Whether it’s inefficient data processes, unscalable architecture or poor engineering practices, the issues that damage performance are usually easy to understand, but hard to identify.

That is, unless you know what you’re looking for.

We analyse all elements of your pipeline – your architecture, algorithms, processes and code – to expose inefficiencies, identify their causes and show you how to solve them.

You get a report full of specific, actionable recommendations that will…

  • Expose issues and eliminate bottlenecks, with help from renowned data scientists
  • Increase revenue by improving the accuracy and quality of your algorithms and products
  • Speed up your code while improving scalability and reducing maintenance time and costs
  • Improve your processes with better structure, style, documentation and testing

Get an expert opinion and actionable advice

We’d love to show you how much better your systems could be.