RRP #3: Andy Müller on scikit-learn and open source

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Episode Summary: Andreas Müller talks about how he fell in love with scikit-learn and his continuous work there as the package maintainer. We also cover his work at Amazon and why he left to work on open source; his recent book on machine learning in Python; sustainability and future of sklearn in the "deep learning world", and his impressions of New York as a German citizen.

Links & resources:

  1. For the Martians: Scikit-learn ML library and Andy's sklearn cheat-sheet diagram.

  2. Andy's personal website with his software, talks and publications.

  3. A. Mueller, S. Guido: Introduction to Machine Learning with Python, A Guide for Data Scientists, book available at O'Reilly.

  4. Methods for Learning Structured Prediction in Semantic Segmentation, Andy's PhD thesis [PDF].

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