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Episode #4: Leonid Boytsov on kNN search and information retrieval

Where Leo, a PhD researcher from the Language Technologies Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, talks about fast approximate search in modern information retrieval. How does his NMSLIB library compare to Facebook's FAISS and Spotify's Annoy? [full post]

Episode #3: Andy Müller on scikit-learn and open source

Where Andy, a core contributor to scikit-learn, shares his journey from academia to open source, his work at Amazon as a Machine Learning Scientist, and then going back to his love: open source and scikit-learn. [full post]

Episode #2: John D. Cook on independent consulting

Where Radim gets a little too excited to talk to John D. Cook and cannot shut up. We discuss the joys and woes of machine learning & SW dev freelancing, the freedom it brings, project pricing, freelance marketing and Python. [full post]

Episode #1: Tomas Mikolov on AI research at Microsoft, Google, Facebook

Tomas Mikolov, the author of word2vec, chats about his life and research at Microsoft, Google and Facebook, the importance of focusing on the right thing and his vision for AI of the future. [full post]

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