Topic Modelling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation: How to pre-process data and tune your model. New tutorial.

Ólavur Mortensen gensim, Machine Learning, Open Source, programming, Student Incubator

If you’ve learned how to train topic models in Gensim, but aren’t able to get satisfying results, then we have a new tutorial that will help you get on the right track on GitHub. Primarily, you will learn some things about pre-processing text data for the LDA model. You will also get some tips about how to set the parameters …


Topic Modelling and Coloring Document Words

Bhargav Srinivasa gensim, Google Summer of Code 2016, Student Incubator Leave a Comment

My second Google Summer of Code blog post is going to be a wee bit more technical – I’m going to briefly describe what topic models do, before linking to a tutorial I wrote which will teach you how to do some cool stuff with Topic Models and gensim. Very, very briefly – given a collection of documents, topic models …